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The New American Spirit

Patriotic Plaques

The New American Spirit is an American owned manufacturing company located in the southeast USA. All our products are manufactured in our facility using quality materials and modern equipment but also has a personal touch as all of our products are hand finished by professionals.

We are innovators, creators and designers of unique plaques, awards, specialty gifts and historical documents and are always "thinking outside the box."

The New American Spirit is a new generation of awards plaques, specialty gifts, patriotic plaques, reproductions of United States historical documents, military recognition plaques and military gifts, military service awards, pet memorabilia and pet gifts and a growing list of new ideas and products almost every day.

Charters of Freedom Plaques

The United States Charters of Freedom are some of the most widely know documents in the world. The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and The Bill of Rights have provided the framework for America for over two centuries. Our reproductions of these documents are produced with 21st century technology and materials but hand finished for a unique one of a kind product. The New American Spirit offers each document individually or as a bundled package. In addition, we can laser customize the back for a special corporate or personal gift or any occasion.

Declaration of Independence Plaque U. S. Constitution Plaque Bill of Rights Plaque
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Military Plaques

We have applied our exclusive new acrylic/wood platform of plaques to military plaques. It is our privilege to be a member of the US military team to do our small part in helping to defend America. Part of the responsibility of The New American Spirit is to provide personal recognition and support in the form of special recognition military plaques. We salute the brave Americans who have committed their time, talents, dedication and their lives to the preservation of our freedoms.

The personalization part of the plaque is laser etched on the acrylic in reverse with the military graphic printed in color directly on the acrylic on the same side. The printed/lasered side is spaced 1/4" between the black base and the acrylic giving it the visual appearance of being three dimensional.

All branches of our military are represented on our site with our list of plaque designs constantly growing.

Air Force Plaques Army Plaques Marine Plaques

Military Medals and Ribbons

Our exclusive new acrylic/wood platform has been adapted to military medals and ribbons plaques. Honoring all branches and providing special recognition to all who serve. The military medals and ribbons portion of our business is a work in progress with items constantly being designed and included on our site.

Afganistan Service Ribbon Iraq Service Stripe Korean Service Ribbon

Inspirational Quotes Plaques

The New American Spirit offers a growing selection of inspirational quote plaques from our founding fathers and the inspirational words of others that shape our country. Some of the most powerful words ever spoken or penned from our founding fathers of freedom are captured in these inspirational plaques. In addition, through our country's history many of our leaders have led America through times that warrant the preservation of their words.

Thomas Jefferson

Pets Plaques

The New American Spirit has created a unique new platform of pet plaques incorporating a unique blend of wood and acrylic. We have adapted our new pet plaques to the pet lovers of the world by honoring man's best friend. The visual "wow" factor comes from the laser etching being done in reverse and spaced 1/4" between the black base and the acrylic giving it the visual appearance of being three dimensional. All pet plaques measure 16 1/2" wide by 8" high and mount horizontally.

Pet Plaques Angled Pet Plaque

Awards Plaques

Our Awards Plaques line offers a new and unique way of presenting personal support and recognition items. Our basic Award Plaque is made from solid Red Alder wood unless another wood is requested. The award plaque is lasered, colored filled with a smokey glaze around the edges to give the plaque a deeper, more professional three dimensional visual effect. Then three coats of our satin lacquer are applied for a hard and lasting finish. The result is a top quality plaque that anyone would be proud to receive.

In addition, colored logos, insignias, pictures or other graphic elements can be printed directly on the wood along with or instead of lasering.

Vulcan Materials & Cure Finders Plaques

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