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Our Document 21 series reproductions feature carefully digitized graphic elements from the original hand penned documents combined with the document text being converted into a true type font making the document recognizable from its graphic elements and readable for those not accustomed to cursive penmanship. Hence the name of the series and the logo, Document 21 historical documents for the 21st century.

Document 21
Declaration of Independence
Document 21
Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence Bill of Rights

The combination of the two elements make a great tool for teaching students as well as adults about the formation of our founding documents. The documents are recognized from the same visual graphics that have been in America's charters for over two hundred years and easily readable to all. In addition, the documents have been arranged in a consistent outline form so they can be visually broken down and studied.

Our focus has begun on the original founding documents of America, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. These documents have been named America's Charters of Freedom by the National Archives. These are some of the most recognizable documents in the world as they represent the historical founding of America and most importantly the rights of free men.

Close Ups of the Document 21
Declaration of Independence 1 Bill of Rights 1 Constitution 1
Declaration of Independence 2 Bill of Rights 2 Constitution 2

Our lasered Document 21 series is constructed by materials grown and/or manufactured totally in America. The base wood core is from poplar and veneered with hard sap Maple. The frame is solid Oak wood and all finishing products are manufactured in America. The document is lasered into the Maple wood, hand sanded, color filled and sprayed with top quality furniture grade lacquer. The plaque is assembled with a foam core filler behind the plaque, black paper dust cover, hanging wire and hanger. No glass or acrylic is used to cover the document; this allows people to actually feel the lasering in the wood. Outside frame dimensions are approx. 21 x 26 inches.

Our Document 21 project is currently available in two forms, printed poster and lasered on hard Maple and framed in Oak.

Document 21
Constitution Lasered
Document 21
Constitution Poster
Constitution Lasered Constitution Poster

The poster versions of our Document 21 Series have been printed on a 100 pound text paper instead of authentic parchment paper. Parchment paper has a porous finish which allows ink to bleed or "wick" into the surrounding fibers creating a fuzzy, blurred look. We have printed the documents on a tightly finished paper and created our own "parchment" background which is printed with the text and keeps the text sharp and easily readable. The print is color separated and printed using the same technique and machinery that artists use for their prints. The print is dry mounted on foam core and a clear sheet of acrylic protects the print as the components are mounted in a solid Oak frame. A black paper dust cover and a wire hanger with a wall mount hanger completes the assembly.

We also currently offer the Constitution poster alone, rolled and packed in a plastic sleeve. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights will soon be available in poster form.

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