Ancient Whale Vs Modern Whales

Million years ago, the size and shape of the whales are completely different from the present day. The ancient whales were comparatively small about three to five meters long or 10-16 feet and have the formidable teeth. But the modern mysticetes whales are the largest creature of the ocean world. They can grow up to 105 feet long but unlike the other creatures of the ocean, they have no teeth. They capture the small creatures from the sea with the help of their baleen that is shaped in comb-like plates which are hung from the roof of their mouth respectively. The ancient whales have lost their teeth and they filter in a different way which seems like a mystery. The teeth were used as the main tool during the feeding and with the help of those teeth, the scientist was able to predict so many things about a particular animal. For example, the animals that catch the other small animals need sharp and long teeth to chew the animals. The teeth of the ancient whales were often in the shape of cusps that are arranged like fingers in the hand. The teeth of the ancient whales are different from the present day whales reported by the scientists in the United States.