More About The Whales

The scientists have realized that, apart from the chewing of the animals, the ancient whales use their teeth for some special purpose. They use the teeth to a sieve to filter the small creatures directly from the base as well as from inside of the water. If the ancient whales behave like the filter feeding seals, then they use their teeth rather than the baleen. But this situation didn’t happen otherwise it could have made a history on the earth. The teeth of the ancient whales were really capable of both filtering feeding seals as well as to capture the prey. Various scientists created the 3-D resolutions of their teeth in the computer to study the impacts and needs of these teeth. The sharpness of the ancient whale’s teeth is more as compared to the modern day whales. The most surprising information about the whales is that the teeth of the archaic whales are sharper as those of the lions. The seals that catch the small prey have the rounded shape teeth that allow the passing of the water to the mouth. It shows that the teeth of the ancient whales are pierced, cut and slice. So scientists from the United States have found the real difference between the whales and further, they have modified their research with the evolution of the new generation whales.